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Company Profile 公司簡介

泰諾科技,是一家專注發展及提升製造業生產管理及車間績效的顧問公司,2003 年在香港成立。而總部設於加拿大的 Taylor Scheduling Software 於 1989 年成立,創辦初期專注研發優化演算的引擎﹝Optimization Engine﹞。1991 年我們的優化引擎引起一些大型跨國企業的關注並開始發展應用在製造業計算生產排單優化的系統,繼而推出市場並逐步發展成為今日在高級排單系統﹝APS﹞範疇的領先地位。從我們的旗艦產品「進階生產計劃及排單系統」開始,到可以安裝在車間的「生產進度匯報系統」等,已發展出一系列成熟的功能,並可以連結企業資源系統﹝ERP﹞的產品。

針對香港及中國區內的工業迅速發展,以及企業對提升信息化及系統化管理的需求,我們成立了香港辦事處。不僅支援區內的 ERP 合作夥伴,亦逐步把我們的產品推向亞洲,並提供專業的項目實施工作。我們的顧問在不同的製造業都有豐富的知識,可以幫助客戶分析生產管理未完善的地方,利用軟件工具來幫助企業提升生產管理效率、排單及車間績效的改善。

Taylor Scheduling Software has been developing and marketing advanced planning and scheduling systems since 1989. During that time the company has successfully installed it's software to more than 100 customers worldwide.

Starting with its flagship product, the Taylor Scheduler ® APS, the company has expanded its product suite to include a number of systems that complement the functions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or extend the capabilities of the Taylor Scheduler. The Taylor Enterprise Scheduling Software (TESS) includes Batch Allocator, Capacity Planner, Production Client and Event Viewer.

We develop and market Advanced Planning and Production Scheduling (APS) software for manufacturers around the world. In addition, we provide ongoing consulting and support services, including process modeling, new application development, custom reports and integration with a variety of other systems (ERP, CRM, MRP, MES).

Our Philosophy 泰諾科技的理念

泰諾科技中的「泰諾」除了發音和我們的品牌「TAYLOR」近似外,其實取自『承諾 重於泰山』的精神,代表我們對每一位客戶作敢於承擔、勇於革新的態度。

The seminal idea for Taylor Systems Limited of Hong Kong arose from a small group of entrepreneurial technology experts, dedicated to one ideal - to reach the summit of achievement embodied by the legendary Tai San of Oriental lore. Its name as pronounced in Cantonese - "Tai Lok" transliterated as Taylor - comes from the term "Tai San", one of the five great mountains of China, and "Sing Lok" , which means an avowal, a promise to achieve a noble cause.